Maxwell Street Blues

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  • Maxwell St du 30 Juin 2020

    TOO SLIM AND THE TAILDRAGGERS-The remedy-Reckless-Vizztone
    Sophie KAY-Turbulent blues-I didn’t speak out-Juno Records
    TIGER ROSE-Boogie, blues and roots-Brown eyed man-Self
    CADIJO BLUES COMPAGNIE-C’est ainsi…-Faut pas rêver-Bluesiac
    THE Mary Jo CURRY BAND-Front porch-Explaining the blues-Self
    Jose RAMIREZ-Here I come-Waiting for your call-Jose Ramirez Music
    DION-Blues with friends-Bam bang boom-Keeping The Blues Records
    LARKIN POE-Self made man-God moves on the water-Tricki Woo Records
    MICKE & LEFTY feat. CHEF-Let the fire lead-Gotta see my church-Hokahey ! Records
    GABRIIEL-Light in the dark-Drive it-Self
    FRANCK & DAMIEN-You can find your way-You can find your way-Soulbeats Records John PRIMER & Bob CORRITORE-The gypsy woman told me-Gambling blues-Vizztone
    Sass JORDAN-Rebel moon blues-Am I wrong-Stony Plain
    Kenny « Blues Boss » WAYNE-Go, just do it !-You did a number on me-Stony Plain

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  • Maxwell St du 23 Juin 2020

    Bill BLUE-The king of crazy town-Mojolation-Conch Town Music
    Lazy LESTER-Yes indedd !-Tell me-Tempo Records
    Jontavious WILLIS-Spectacular class-Low down ways-Kind Of Blue Music
    Fenton ROBINSON-Out of Chicago-You don’t know what love is-JSP Records
    Chris SHUTTERS-Good gone bad-Can’t play the blues like B.B.-Third Street Cigar Records
    LA RURAL BLUES BAND-Autoblues-Prohibido-Gaztelupeko Hotsak
    BLOODEST SAXOPHONE-Texas queens 5-It’s your voodoo working-Vizztone
    Johnny BURGIN-Live-You got to make a change-Delmark Records
    Rory GALLAGHER-Check shirt wizard-Country mile-UMG
    Frank BEY-All my dues are paid-Idle hands-Nola Blue
    John Blues BOYD-What my eyes have seen…-Ran out of town-Gulf Coast Records
    John Lee HOOKER-Black night is falling-One bourbon, one scotch, one beer-Justin Time Records

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  • Maxwell St du 16 Juin 2020

    Frank BEY-All my dues are paid-He stopped loving her today-Nola Blue Records
    Victor PUERTAS & Max GENOUEL-Recording session-No one like you-Self
    Mathieu PESQUE-I’m not here-Walk that line-Self
    King Solomon HICKS-Harlem-Riverside drive-Provogue
    Big Jack REYNOLDS-That’s a good way to get to heaven-You better leave that woman love-Third Street Cigar Records
    John PRIMER & Bob CORRITORE-The gypsy woman told me-Walking the back streets and crying- Vizztone
    AVEY GROUWS BAND-The devil may care-Let me sing my blues-Self
    Jessie Mae HEMPHILL-Run get my shotgun-Shame on you-Big Legal Mess Records
    Bai KAMARA Jr & THE VOODOO SNIFFERS-Salone-Can’t wait here too long-Moosicus Records
    Jose RAMIREZ-Here I come-I miss you baby-Jose Ramirez Music
    Sonny LANDRETH-Blacktop run-Don’t ask me-Provogue
    Lucky PETERSON-Just warming up !-The blues is driving me-Jazz Village
    LOUISIANA’S LEROUX-One of these days-Nothing left to lose-La Leroux
    Andres ROOTS-Mississippi to Loch Lomond-Birdsong thing-Roots Arts

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  • Maxwell St du 09 Juin 2020

    Marcus KING-El Dorado-Say you will-Fantasy Records
    Lucky PETERSON-Just warming up !-Going where my roots come from-Jazz Village
    Sass JORDAN-Rebel moon blues-Leaving trunk-Stony Plain
    Jose RAMIREZ-Here I come-Gasoline and matches-Jose Ramirez Music
    Mary Jo CURRY BAND-Front porch-All your lies-Self
    Scott ELLISON-Skyline drive-Breathe underwater-Red Parlor Records
    THE Reverend Shawn AMOS & THE BROTHERHOOD-Blue sky-Counting down the days-Put Together Music
    Iker PIRIS-Solo-I’m gonna move-Gaztelupeko Hotsak
    BLIND LEMON PLEDGE-Goin’ home-Little black train-Self
    Charlie BEDFORD-Good to go-Just a little longer-Self
    Jim GUSTIN & Truth JONES-Lessons learned-I hate to see you go-Self
    Johnny BURGIN-Live-The leading brand-Delmark Records
    HAOLE KID LOCAL BOY BLUES PROJECT-No better place to be-Moneybird-Self

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  • Maxwell St du 02 Juin 2020

    Sophie KAY–Turbulent blues-Julien Assange blues-Jeno Records
    ED BRAYSHAW-Fire without water-Hadn’t found you-Self
    Neal BLACK & THE HEALERS-A little boom boom boom-Shoeshine shuffle-Dixiefrog
    Crystal SHAWANDA-Church house blues-Rather be alone-New SunRecords
    Sari SCHORR-Live in Europe-Ain’t got no money-ManhatonRecords
    Victor WAINWRIGHT AND THE TRAIN-Memphis loud-Mississippi-Ruf Records
    Eliza NEALS-Black crow moan-Don’t judge the blues-E H Records
    Ivy FORD-Club 27-Keep on blues-Self
    Bob MARGOLIN-This guitar and tonight- Over time-Vizztone
    John PRIMER & Bob CORRITORE-The gypsy woman told me-Little bitty woman-Vizztone
    Casey HENSLEY-Good as gone-Good as gone-Vizztone
    Michael VAN MERWYK-The bear-Deep blue sea-Time Zone Records
    LOUISIANA’S LeROUX-One of those days-Lucy Anna-La Leroux LLC

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  • Maxwell St du 26 Mai 2020

    LES VIEUX BRISCARDS DU BLUES-Sunlight boogie-I think you get what I mean-Self
    MALTED MILK-Love tears & guns-Some tears you need to shed-Blues Production
    Tomislav GOLUBAN-Memphis light-Hayloft blues-Spona
    John PRIMER & Bob CORRITORE-The gypsy woman told me-Keep a driving-Vizztone
    Robin TROWER-Coming closer to the day-Diving bell-Provogue
    Bernard ALLISON-Songs from the road-Slide master-Ruf Records
    THE BARNGUYS-Love introspection-Bad news-Self
    Mark HUMMEL-Wayback machine-Cut that out-Electro Fi Records
    GROUND ZERO-I was there…-The muddy blues-Self
    Tyler MORRIS-Living in the shadows-Everybody wants to go to heaven-Vizztone
    LUCKY GAS & LITTLE PETER-West to west-River house-Self
    Beth HART-War in my mind-Thankful-Provogue

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  • Maxwell St du 19 Mai 2020

    Nico DUPORTAL AND THE SPARKS-Dog, saint and sinner-Sweet brown eyed woman-Music Box Publishing
    THE Nick MOSS BAND-Lucky guy !-Lucky guy-Alligator Records
    BLIND LEMON PLEDGE-Evangeline-Evangeline-Ofeh Records
    Sugaray RAYFORD-Somebody save me-The revelator-Forty Below Records
    ROOMFUL OF BLUES-In a Roomful of blues-In a roomful of blues-Alligator Records Rick ESTRIN & THE NIGHTCATS-Contemporary-She nuts up-Alligator Records
    FLYIN’ SAUCERS GUMBO SPECIAL-Nothin’ but-Hey tout kelkun-Fatso Records Michael VAN MERWYK-The bear-The bear-Time Zone
    Johnny BURGIN-Live-Daddy’s got the personal touch-Delmark Records
    Christone « Kingfish » INGRAM-Kingfish-Outside of this town-Alligator Records
    TAS CRU-Drive on-Kinda mess-Subcat Records
    C..W. AYON-What they say-I need you now-Self

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  • Maxwell St du 12 Mai 2020

    Michelle DAVID & THE GOSPEL SESSIONS-Volume 4-Good good good-MDGS Records
    Gary MOORE-Live from London-Walking by myself-Provogue
    John Lee HOOKER-Black night is falling-It serves me right to suffer-Just Time Records Jeremiah JOHNSON-Heavens to Betsy-White lightning-Ruf Records
    Jimmy JOHNSON-Every day of your life-Every day of your life-Delmark Records Andres ROOTS-Mississippi to Loch Lomond-Spanish run-Roots Art
    PHANTOM BLUES BAND-Still cookin’-Don’t fight it-Vizztone
    Sari SCHORR-Live in Europe-Demolition man-Manhaton Records
    Rory GALLAGHER-Check shirt wizard Live in ’77-A million miles away-UMC
    Whitney SHAY-Stand up !-You won’t put out this flame-Ruf Records
    RAOUL FICEL-Sur la route-Danser le rock’n’roll-Bluesiac
    Lazy LESTER-Yes indeed !-A string to your heart-Tempo Records

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